Saturday, April 5, 2014

15 Weeks with #2

Here I am! 15 weeks with Baby #2! I'm showing a lot more than I was with Rhett. Apparently that's normal for a second pregnancy? I'm actually at the exact same weight I was when I wrote my 15 week post for my first pregnancy, but my starting weight was higher this time around. I believe I've gained weight a lot healthier this time, and it's much more concentrated in my belly. I'm hoping it'll stay that way! I'm starting to spread the word around, and several people in the last week have told me that they thought I looked pregnant before I said anything. I didn't get that comment with Rhett until I was like, 30 weeks along. I also seem to be carrying higher so far. I can still wear my pre pregnancy jeans, but tops are a lost cause.

I'm feeling good! The second trimester rocks. We'll find out the sex in less than three weeks. We're really excited to find out if we have a son or daughter on the way!

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