Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Big Boy!

Rhett turned two this weekend! We can hardly believe that we have a big boy in the house. Over the last week, I've noticed that he seems older. He had his first haircut last week but I think it's even more than that. I'm not seeing many remnants of the tiny baby we brought home from the hospital. He's all grown up!

Rhett has become a real boy's boy. He make everything he finds into a car. He likes to 'drive' his cars up and down our arms and legs. He loves to throw and kick balls. When we go outside, he plays in the dirt. He always plays hard and his biggest tantrums are always when it's time to come inside. 

He's got a very sweet and nurturing side to him. He'll hold a lollypop out to each of his stuffed animals and ask each one "bite?....bite?". He's always willing to give us hugs and kisses and loves to cuddle up with a book or a T.V. show. If Josh is giving me a back massage, Rhett will come up behind him and rub Josh's back for him at the same time. 

He's a very happy little boy. For his birthday, we took him to a local children's museum, the Magic House. He had so much fun exploring and running around. He was absolutely exhausted by the end of it. Sleeping is also an area where we have lucked out enormously. All we have to say is "time for bed" and Rhett responds "yeah ok" and goes to gather his bed things. ("yeah ok is his current favorite phrase. He's very compliant lately!)

He's still completely attached to his blankie, which we call "snuggles". He drags it around most of the day and needs it to sleep. He's also developed a deep fondness for his shoes, stemming from the fact that when they go on, we go outside. A handful of times, he's lost a shoe in public and he'll cry "Rhett's shoe! Rhett's shoe!" until it's replaced. 

A peculiarity that we're always chuckling over is that the child absolutely refuses to use the word 'down'. Whenever he wants down, he always says "up" instead. Josh will even play a repeating game with him: "Say 'mommy", "MOMEE" say "milk", "MILK", say "down", "UP!". So weird. We've been  getting a kick out of it. 

We're so blessed and thrilled with our first born. We can't wait for him to become a big brother this year. He will surely be a blessing to his younger sister or brother!

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