Sunday, April 8, 2012

Full Term!

Well folks, as of Friday I am officially full term--37 weeks! I had my 37 week appointment on Tuesday, and found out I'm GBS positive, which was kind of a bummer. I was hoping to be able to mostly labor at home, but now I'll have to get to the hospital for antibiotics pretty quickly. I COULD go in when labor starts and get the meds, then come back every four hours to get more, but that just seems like more trouble than it's worth.

The doctor also wants to check on the baby's size--she thought that it felt a little small (simply from feeling around on the outside of my belly). She also said she thought it was about six pounds, which doesn't sound 'too small' to me for 37 weeks, but what do I know? We're having an u/s this week that will serve the dual purpose of getting an estimate on size, and checking the position of the baby.  I'm excited to see the Bee again!

I'm much more at peace with my coming due date. Up until about a week ago the 27th seemed faaaar away. But I was also anxious because I didn't feel completely 'ready' if the baby were to come on any given day. Now, I'm feeling good. If the baby came today, I'm comfortable with that. And if the baby comes three weeks from now, I'm good with that too. I'm sure if I go past my due date, I'll be itching for Bee to come out, but it feels good to be satisfied right now

Physically, I'm feeling pretty good! I've gained a total of 34 pounds so far, which isn't too terrible. I think I'll definitely stay under by goal of 40.  I'm still sleeping well and I haven't been too sore or irritable (which probably contributes to my chipper attitude of this pregnancy lasting another three weeks). I know a fair few women who were MISERABLE by 37 weeks, so I'm feeling very blessed. My parents are swinging by tomorrow on their way home from visiting my grandparents for Easter. I've got a few projects that they'll be helping me with in their brief stay ;)

My hospital bags are mostly packed, except for the things I use daily that I'll want with me. I need to make of list of all the last-minute items I'll need to pack...I would hate to forget something and make Josh come back (or go without).

I'll try to come up with some interesting things to post about in the next couple of weeks, but I can't promise anything. I think most people know that these last few weeks of just waiting around can be pretty dull. We're spending a lot of time being lazy while we still can. It's pretty unbelievable how much our lives are about to change!

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