Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting Better

Rhett is getting better day by day. Yesterday he had his I.V. removed and he has kept his blood sugar up ever since. He gained a fantastic amount of weight yesterday and is now 4 lbs, 9 oz (six ounces up from his birth weight and nine up from his lowest weight). The doctor gave the okay to feed him more, so he's starting to get a full ounce at each feeding. His face is starting to look fuller and he's been alert and happy.

He is still working on finishing his bottles. Yesterday he would get about half of it down and then they would have to give him the rest from the feeding tube. I'm discouraged that he's not taking the full bottle, but he doesn't burn any calories when they use the tube, which makes him gain more weight. So I suppose it's for the best.

Josh is almost done with his work week. It will be a huge blessing when he has off next week and we can be together all the time. It's tough not having him here.

We are so blessed by all of the prayers, well wishes, gifts and cards that so many people have sent us. We can definitely feel love raining down on us an we really appreciate the love everyone is showing to our little son.
Looking at the camera
Grandma feeding Rhett

Probably Sneezing

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