Friday, January 23, 2015

4 Months and Family Updates!

Poppy's babyhood is flying by! She had her four month checkup yesterday and she's happy and healthy. She weights 15 lbs, 8 oz and is 25 inches long. She's sleeping pretty well at night, she's usually up at about 3:00 and 5:00 to eat, but she goes back to bed really quickly. Her naps and feedings are pretty predictable now, which is really nice. The doctor asked if we were going to start her on solid foods, but I told her we'd prefer to wait. True story--there is nothing I hate more than spoon feeding. I'm gonna put that off as long as possible. The official AAP recommendation is waiting until six months anyway. So my laziness on this particular issue also lines up with medical research! Win-win. 

Poppy is one happy little baby. As long as someone is interacting with her, she is smiling and giggly. She doesn't much care for being left alone and hates the car. She thinks Rhett is hilarious. Rhett likes to join her for tummy time every morning. He lays on his belly with her and talks to her, it's pretty sweet to watch. 

We'll have a lot going on in the month to come! We have a much-anticipated (mostly by me) trip to Disneyworld next week--our first trip as a family of four! We're very excited. Some of my favorite childhood memories were at "The World" and I can't wait to see Rhett tromping around Main Street. He's most excited to ride Dumbo and meet Mickey.

We've got a ton of family visits to plan for in February as well! We're looking forward to seeing Grandmas and possibly an aunt and uncle!

Josh is continuing to enjoy his vicarage. We have been so blessed by a wonderful congregation and community to be a part of this year. We hope to be called back to this district soon, though we know we will be happy wherever God leads us in the years to come.

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