Thursday, March 5, 2015

Check out Who's Eating Real Food

Poppy's getting her first morsels of food this week. I was at the supermarket, and these peaches looked too good to pass up. As I mentioned, we decided to skip purees with our #2. She's been showing lots of signs of being interested in foods lately. When starting off with finger foods, babies need to reach certain milestones to be sure they can eat safely. Being able to sit independently for long periods of time is one of them. Poppy hit that milestone this week so we decided it was time to bust out the food.

We're only on day two of peaches and she's doing really well. She's actually getting a lot of food down and she's really enjoying playing. As of right now, I'm just giving her fruit when she wakes up from her morning nap (so she can eat along with Rhett for his morning snack). So far, so good! I can't believe she's already big enough to be eating. Sniff.

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