Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rhett's First Christmas!

This Christmas, we were blessed to be able to travel all the way to Phoenix, AZ to meet up with Josh's whole family for Rhett's first Christmas. Rhett has had a marvelous time getting to know all of his cousins. They like to put various hats on him:
Rhett thinks the kids are pretty funny. He laughs and chases them all around. The girls love to give him various toys to hold. They've been having a lot of fun with him. 

Rhett also loves to open Christmas presents. His latests favorite activity is ripping paper, so opening gifts is right up his alley. He has a lot of fun with the wrapping paper. After our Christmas celebration, the floor was covered in tissue and wrapping paper. He was in heaven. 

Josh's brothers and sisters have also enjoyed seeing him. We are so excited to get to spend this holiday season with everyone. Everyone loves to see the baby and he's getting in a lot of quality time with all of his family members. 
Rhett go home. You are drunk.

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