Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What can I say?

I've really been failing at blogging lately. I've been failing at taking pictures, which is really sad, because Rhett grows and changes every day and i need to remember these things. I've been reflecting a bit lately on how exciting his first year was. I used to take pictures all the time and text people when he did something new. I don't do that anymore. He's less...new. Than he was a year ago. It makes me sad, but it's also a sign of how much he's grown into our family. He's a true member of the family now with his own desires and he certainly makes them known.

We're doing really well. We're very happy with our little family of three. Very comfortable. We love each other and life has been good. The summer already feels like it's flying by! Josh finally received all his grades back. He's gotten all A's and B's in seminary so far and I couldn't be prouder. He's truly excelled this year in his schoolwork, and in his vocation as a husband and father.

I promise I'll post photos and videos soon. Rhett is very special and I WILL document more of his life. Promise!!!

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