Monday, March 3, 2014

As Many of you Know...

We'll be adding to our family this year! 
We are so excited to announce that we're expecting a baby! This pregnancy came as a bit of a surprise (in a good way!). We were planning on starting to try for a baby right away in 2014. We cheated just a little bit and stopped preventing around Christmas and I got a positive pregnancy test on January 7th--meaning we got pregnant insanely quickly. I had been really emotional and felt suddenly nauseous that day, so I took a test on a whim that night--Josh wasn't even home and I hadn't told him I was going to test. 

I'm currently 11 weeks along--almost out of the first trimester! I've been really sick this time around, and I wasn't with Rhett (perhaps a sign of a girl?). We've had a few doctor's appointments and we saw the baby on the ultrasound last week, which was amazing. I don't remember much about Rhett's first ultrasound, but the baby was stretching and moving it's little fingers and toes--I couldn't believe that he or she could look so humanoid so soon. 

I have not had strong feelings as to boy or girl (another difference from my first pregnancy! I was so certain Rhett was a boy). I've always pictured us with one boy, one girl but we'd be thrilled with a set of brothers. We're going to find out the sex this time (in just seven weeks!). 

We're also sharing names this time around! (I know, so many changes!) If it's a girl, we've decided on Sybil. I'm about 95% sure it'll stick. For a boy, we're...disagreeing. The frontrunners are August, Frederick and Cary. We probably won't put too much energy into choosing until we find out we're having a boy and we need to. 

I think Rhett will be a fantastic brother. He has become very nurturing lately. He likes to feed and comfort all his stuffed animals. At church, he feeds the dolls a bottle like he sees the mothers doing. We've told him we're having a baby and I try to always point them out whenever we see one. He's definitely becoming more interested in them. We have three month pictures of him hanging outside his room and he loves to be picked up so he can see them and say"BABY!".  He loves kids and I think he'll really enjoy having another one around. 

We're hoping the next seven months go smoothly! Right now, I'll settle for the morning sickness to let up!

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