Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rhett's Red Cup

Here's a picture of Rhett with his red doidy cup. It's an alternative to the sippy cup. It's slanted so that he can see the liquid in it and learn how to properly drink from a cup without having to go through a sippy phase. I liked the idea a lot and we've been working with Rhett on the doidy cup for awhile now. He really loves it! Mostly (just like food), he prefers that we hold it while he takes sips. But we're really working on him being the one to drink from it himself. Right now, we have to position his hands so that he's holding it properly. But once he's got it in the right position, he's really good at getting it into his mouth and drinking from it. He bangs it on the table when he wants more water in it. It's been a really great product find and I'm thinking I'm going to order a couple more.

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