Saturday, March 30, 2013

Screw You, Spring. We're Starting without You

Anyone who I've actually spoken too in the last six weeks or so is probably aware that this never-ending winter is driving me absolutely crazy.  I feel like we're in freaking Narnia. We have been stuck inside for the past five months solid and I thought it would have warmed up by now. We're not in Nebraska anymore. We're not in Michigan. We are in Missouri and all evidence led me to believe that it wouldn't snow in March. But I was wrong.

The weather was SUPPOSED to be sunny and warm today. Of course, when we woke up, it wasn't. Chilly, cloudy and windy. We had been planning on going to the park as a family and letting Rhett try to find some Easter eggs. And when we woke up, I ALMOST wanted to cancel our plans. But you know what? Screw it. Who cares if we're a little cold. I cannot stay cooped up in this house for another weekend, I just CAN'T.

So we went to the park. And actually had some fun! Rhett and Josh were properly dressed in hooded sweatshirts, and were perfectly fine out in the cool weather. I didn't dress as smartly and I was cold but I had fun anyway.
This is what Rhett was supposed
to wear for his Easter egg hunt.
Adorable, right?
We're going on an egg hunt!
There will be eggs!
We just purchased a brand new Ergo carrier, so that we can start wearing Rhett on our backs when we go out. We babywear a multitude of reasons, but mostly because it's simply easier to maneuver around that way. I hate dodging through crowds and aisles with a stroller, and I hate having to hunt down an elevator whenever we want to move to another level. Babywearing solves that problem. Our new carrier is awesome. It's much more comfortable for us and Rhett than the Bjorn we were previously using. 

Rhett actually did have fun grabbing the eggs off of the ground and playing with them. He predictably had trouble getting them into his bucket. He thought it was MUCH more fun to take them out of the bucket. He loves holding things that fit into his hand and when he can hold one object in each hand, he's pretty thrilled. So Easter eggs were right up his alley in that regard. 
It might be hard to tell, but this is a happy face
Hopefully spring will come and join us soon so that we can enjoy lots more outdoor time together. The fresh air is so good for all of us, and we're really outdoorsy people. I get claustrophobic being inside for too long. Rhett really likes to see and explore new things, so I'm really looking forward to getting out more in the months ahead. 

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