Saturday, March 16, 2013

Car Update

I wrote about our accident a little while ago, and realized I never posted an update on the situation. Originally, our insurance was going to repair the damage. Upon further inspection, there was more damage than initially estimated, and the declared the car a total loss. We were pretty upset when we found out, because car shopping is a huge pain and we figured we weren't going to get much for our old car. As it turns out, we ended up getting A LOT more for it than we thought it was worth. Along with our tax refund, we made budget and this month, we are able to comfortably purchase a car in cash. We a lot of payments left on our old one, and not financing a vehicle is going to be a huge relief. Also, our "new" car fits our needs much better. We decided on a 2005 Ford Explorer.

Our new car!
The picture above is our actual vehicle. It much more spacious than the caliber, and with good upkeep by us a just a little luck, it could last another 100,000 miles or even more. We feel blessed for the whole situation to have worked out much better than we thought it would. 

Cleaning out our little caliber was kind of sad. We purchased together, a few months before our wedding. We drove away from our wedding ceremony in it. We took it on our honeymoon. And we brought our son home in it. It was a good car and we were sad to see it go. 

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