Sunday, May 5, 2013


I haven't written in awhile! I promise I'll make some time to sit and write out full posts soon. Exciting things are happening all around us and I can't wait to share them with all our loved ones. Here's a brief list of things that have been going on around here lately:

  • We have been accepted into on campus housing for the next school year. We don't have our specific assignment or move-in day yet, but we will be moving some time this summer. Living on campus is going to be quite a change for us. We are excited to settle into our new home soon!
  • Josh's first year at the seminary has flown by! He has just one more full week of classes left and then he'll be spending the summer with Rhett! We're excited to save money  on childcare and Josh and Rhett are thrilled to be getting more quality time with one another. 
  • Josh has accepted a position with campus security. He will be working a few night shifts each week. This will be a great supplement to my income. We are very grateful that Josh did not have to get a job during his first year at the seminary. 
  • Rhett is (already!) exhibiting signs of toddlerhood. His eating has been pickier, his temper shorter and he has been demanding a lot more entertainment lately. He hasn't been overly thrilled with giving up his bottle habit, but the strawberries are making up for it. 
  • Rhett is stubbornly refusing to walk. He seems to like crawling just fine thankyouverymuch. He'll pull up to furniture, but he's wised up to us trying to get him to stand on his own. Any time we try to lift him up to a standing position, his legs turn to jello. Ah well, it'll happen when it happens. 
That's a pretty brief update, but more is coming soon, I promise! 

Everyone remember that next weekend is Mother's Day! If you haven't already gotten your mom the perfect gift, hit up Amazon ASAP. 

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