Saturday, October 26, 2013

18 Months--Updates

I haven't shares specifics on what Rhett's been up to in awhile--and he's doing a lot! I'm constantly amazed at what he's learning on a daily basis. Here's some of his current things:

  • His vocabulary is ever expanding! Josh and I are now "mommy" and "daddy" rather than mamamama and dadada. It seems like he's gaining a word or two every week. He likes to tell us that he's happy and really likes saying "uh-oh!" whenever he falls down or drops something. 
  • He's definitely understanding a lot more. He knows that when we put his shoes on, it's time to go outside. He goes to his changing table when we tell him he needs his diaper on. He can bring us his favorite book from his room when we ask him to. 
  • He's developed a bit of separation anxiety. It's not every day, but sometimes when I leave him he gets really upset. It's sad, but I understand that it's normal for his age. 
  • He loves balls and tools, but could care less about cars, trains and trucks. He's also rediscovered push toys. He likes to run around with his xylophone or a little shopping cart. 
  • He loves to sing. We put on the Backyardigans for him and he can hum the theme song. He also thinks the organist at the church is about the coolest guy on the planet. 
  • He'll say "I ubb oo da-dee" (I love you daddy) to Josh, but I have yet to be told that he loves me. He lets me kiss him all over though and won't let Josh. I think it's kind of cute that we each have our own thing. 
  • He's still sleeping at napping like a champion. At home, he'll usually nap for about two and a half hours in the afternoon, which is great.
  • He's still super-attached to a particular pair of blankets. He doesn't really use them for comfort throughout the day, but if he's tired he'll reach into his crib and pull them out and bring them to us. We call them snuggle blankets or sometimes just snuggles. He needs them to sleep. 
  • His favorite book by far is "Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton. Sometimes he'll toddle around saying "lalala" like the pigs in the book. He also thinks that's what pigs actually say. 
  • A stranger today told me he looks JUST like me, which I was delighted to hear. Though I'm not delusional enough to think he actually looks exactly like me, I do see more of myself in him than I did when he was a baby. I have a feeling he's going to even out to look a lot like both of us as time goes on. 
He has his doctor's appointment coming up in a couple weeks. I know it consists of an autism and lead poisoning screening, both of which I expect him to pass. I think he weighs right about 26 pounds, which is normal for his age. He'll get another round of vaccines, which I'm not too worried about. We're also going to talk about the possibility of getting him tested by an allergist. 

We're delighted by our son, always. He's such a joy to watch grow and change. 

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