Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a lovely Christmas 2013! I had to work so we were stuck in St. Louis for the holiday, but it was nice to celebrate quietly with just the three of us. This is the first year we've really had a "kid" for Christmas... Rhett certainly wasn't aware of what was going on last year! But he loved coming into the living room on Christmas day to see all the presents.

We decided to go to church on Christmas Eve at 3:00. But we all decided to take a nap around noon and by the time we woke was 2:15! So we reallllly rushed to get ready for church! These photos were taken after.

After church, we got down to some stockings! We all got pajamas in our stocking and an edible treat. Alcohol for Josh and I and fruit snacks for Rhett! (his favorite)

Christmas morning was lovely. We set up Rhett's new tent from Aunt Emily so he could go check it out right away. He loved going in and out and storing as many treasures as he could find (presents, for sure!)

Everyone had a very Merry Christmas! It was quiet, but it was nice. We're looking forward to new and exciting things for our family in 2014!

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