Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Josh's Field Work

One of the requirements for Josh's schooling, is to attend a field work church--Josh was assigned this church at the beginning of the school year, and we are to attend while we are in St. Louis, and Josh helps out the Pastor with a variety of tasks.

We were assigned to Blessed Savior in Florrisant, MO. It's about a half-hour drive. They worship about 100 people a week, spread out over three services. It's smaller than we're used to, but we've had such a good experience there so far. The people are really nice, and Josh is enjoying helping out with the Sunday School opening program every week.

Josh gets to wear a clerical. 
We usually attend the adult Bible Study class until Rhett gets fussy, and then I excuse myself to the nursery. We like being able to go to Sunday School together, and he usually does pretty well for the first twenty minutes or so. We're always trying to strike a balance between staying together as a family, and not distracting everyone who is trying to discuss the book of Acts. I don't think anyone minds him being there, but I would hate for them to be secretly wishing we would all just go away! (I know they aren't really wishing that. They are NICE people).
Acts is intriguing
Rhett enjoys church. The stained glass is realllly fun for him. And even in the womb, he's enjoyed organ music. So church is a real treat for him. For some reason, they turn the lights off at Blessed Savior for the sermon. Rhett usually passes out on the pews which are conveniently padded.

This makes communion tricky
We've been very blessed by this congregation. I know that we will have an excellent three years of worship here.

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