Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forrest Park Revisted

I just love going to Forrest Park. The weather is gorgeous this weekend, so on Friday night, we walked around for a little while and enjoyed the fresh air in the park! We let Rhett crawl around on the grass, and when I thought about it, it occurred to me that he's never done that before. He didn't seem to care for it.

As a family, we're trying to make exercise into a prioirty. There's not much about excercising that I enjoy, but walking around the park is great family bonding and I count it as the majority of my exercise. With Rhett on our backs, we are adding his twenty pounds to our own and I do usually feel like I got a good "workout" done when I walk around with him like that. 
Josh wears him a lot too
We're looking forward to enjoying the lagoon a bit more when Rhett gets older. He enjoyed watching ducks with Josh, we should have brought food for them! I think he would have liked seeing them all gather around us. When he's older we'll have to make a tradition out of it. We also want to take him out paddleboating before we leave St. Louis
It's definitely fun to have such a large and well maintained park right here in the heart of the city. Though neither of us grew up in small towns, we really aren't used to living in a city where we can't go out and walk around our neighborhood. We're definitely used to more suburban surroundings. The park gives us an opportunity to still get outdoors and let Rhett enjoy the sun and fresh air. 

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