Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grandma Visited!

My mom was in town last week. She decided that she wanted to spend her spring break with us, and we could not be more grateful! Josh and I had to continue to work and go to school full time, but Rhett got a week off from day care to spend with his grandmother. Both baby and grandma had such a good time! Watching my parents become grandparents has been such a rewarding part of having Rhett in our lives. My parents just love him to pieces and he thinks they're pretty great too. 

I have been dying to check out some good St. Louis BBQ. We got a recommendation for Pappy's (the bes 'Q in St. Lou!), so we hit them up on Monday night. The line was long for a Monday, but the food came fast and was absolutely worth the wait. We're definitely going to be heading back to Pappy's. Even Rhett got to enjoy some ribs!

Mom spent a good amount of time this week cooking, cleaning and organizing for us in addition to babysitting. I have no idea how she got everything done that she did, but it was so awesome to come home to a clean kitchen and dinner cooking every night! We enjoyed having her so much. I didn't get any good pictures of Rhett and Grandma, unfortunately. By the time I thought of it, Rhett was exhausted.

We don't get to see my family as often as we would like. But our visits are always filled with love and joy. We are so thrilled to get to share our son with our family.

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