Thursday, May 8, 2014

We're heading to Florida!

Last week we found out that we will be living in Jacksonville, Florida while Josh serves a Vicar at Bethlehem Lutheran Church! Call Day was kind of a blur. I really wasn't as nervous as I anticipated. We've done the moving thing before. We've even done the "we're going to pick a random spot for you to live" thing before. I had had a feeling for months that it was going to be Florida so it wasn't much of a shock when our name was called for the Florida district.

We are very excited to head south! The weather in Jacksonville stays pretty pleasant year-round. We'll be living closer to my family and we'll be living less than a mile from the beach. I'm not sure how feasible it will be for me to get two small children to the beach regularly, but I'd love to  take advantage of it while we're there. There are lots of great opportunities for Josh to serve and for me to be involved at the church and we've heard nothing but wonderful things about the people there.

So far in our four year marriage, we've lived in Nebraska, Michigan and Missouri. Florida seems a pretty obvious fourth home. We will be leaving toward the end of summer and it can't come fast enough!

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