Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Kid's Room

It feels so weird to type/say "the kids" but alas! Poppy will be here in jus three short weeks and so I'd better get used to it.  I thought I'd do a separate post for the kid's room just because I always love to see blog posts about nurseries and children's spaces. We decided pretty early on that we'd have the kids share a room once the baby starts sleeping through the night (she'll stay close to my bed for the first few weeks or months). We really just don't have the space for separate rooms and I like the idea of sharing. They'll have to share a lot through the years, so we might as well start now! 

I didn't really have an end game in mind when I started setting up their room. I've always used a pretty big variety of colors in Rhett's room with the goal of keeping things fairly neutral. I'm also a fan of the eclectic look. With our little Poppy coming, I wanted to incorporate more reds. The results so far have been a touch more masculine that I'd prefer, but I'm hoping to add more touches that will balance it out. If not, I'm sure she won't mind. She's a baby.
 I can't believe Rhett is in a big boy bed! He's been loving it. He's always liked his space when he sleeps and he definitely loves his new bed. The quilt on his bed was Josh's when he was little. I'm not sure if it'll stay in this space or not, but it's a good size and Rhett really likes it.

We decided to go ahead and put the crib up, even though Poppy may not be in it for sometime. We thought it was a good idea for Rhett to get used to it in his space. I'm going to add artwork above the crib (hopefully a poppies painting). The blanket was given to me by a friend at work and is perfect for the space. 
I'm hoping to get Poppy an identical armchair for Christmas this year. Rhett really likes his. It used to be his TV watching chair, but now it's a reading chair. He knows it's his an loves curling up in it. 

 Rhett has been really into reading lately. I often catch him curled up in his bed with four or five books when he's supposed to be napping. It's a good problem to have. We decided not to have toys in his room this year. He doesn't really like playing in his room anyway because he'd rather be wherever I am. It's nice for him to have his books handy though.
I love these Eric Carle prints. I got them as a gift before Rhett was born and I love how much color they bring to white walls. 

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