Thursday, August 21, 2014

We Made it to Florida!

Well, it's been a long time coming (or at least felt that way!) but we're finally all settled into our home-for-a-year in Jacksonville Beach, Florida! I think the move went as well as could be expected with a pregnant woman and a toddler in tow. Josh drove our moving truck and Rhett and I took the SUV the 1000 miles down to Jax Beach. The trip went really smoothly until we were about 100 miles out. We blew a tire on the moving truck, which was just really disappointing when we were so close to our new home. It actually got repaired pretty quickly and Rhett thought being on the side of the road was just hilarious. So things could have been worse, but we were definitely glad to get here and settle in.

Helping put together Poppy's Crib!

This was when we were stranded. He really thought it was funny. 

Finally here! 
Rhett has adjusted beautifully. He was thrilled to see all his toys again and he absolutely loves the beach. He asks to go all day and has so much fun splashing in the water, digging in the sand and collecting seashells (which he throws in the water, of course). Josh has been his primary care giver for some time now and he does seem a little confused now that Dad's not home as much. He asks me a few time a day "Where Daddy go? Water?" (He call the beach "the water". So I guess he thinks Josh has gone to the beach without him). He's happy though and I think he'll really enjoy the year. We will too!

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