Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We had a pretty quiet Halloween. There aren't a lot of kids in our neighborhood and there weren't any trunk or treat options for us in town. But it was a nice day and Rhett really enjoyed getting free candy! We usually try to dress up as a family but with a newborn, I just did not have the energy to put anything together this year. I actually found Rhett's costume at a thrift store (brand new!) the week of Halloween. He love every animal under the sun, so I figured he'd have fun being a tiger. I threw Poppy's "costume" together in about two minutes and only left it on her long enough to snap a few pictures. As it turned out, Rhett doesn't love wearing costumes. He warmed up to it after he figured out what trick or treating is all about. What he really loved was his bucket. He picked it out himself and calls it "Blue Pumpkin" (we're still working on colors). He's been giving it kisses and just generally loving on it all week.

My camera was out of battery for Halloween! So I had to use my phone and old point and shoot to capture the memories. Bummer. Somehow though, I feel like this is actually a more accurate portrayal of what our day was like!

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