Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rhett 2.5

It's kind of shocking that I was able to get a photo of Rhett in such a quiet, peaceful moment. He's been a bit....challenging lately. I'm sure my patience is thin because I'm up with a newborn most of the night. But he's also been pushing boundaries a lot this week. Everything within his reach is getting destroyed. He dumps out any beverages, laundry baskets or cracker boxes within his reach. He's been coloring on the walls. He won't stop filling the toilet with toilet paper. He wakes up his sister all the time (albeit with kisses and an enthusiastic "I lub you Poppy!".  Discipling him has been difficult. He doesn't respond to very much. He's also fallen into a habit of closing his eyes and pretending to sleep whenever he's in trouble. We're working on it and instilled this whole time-out system yesterday. We're in the early stages, but it seems to have helped a bit already. Rhett is a very sweet boy and he makes it very clear how much he loves all of us. But he's still a two year old boy and we're learning how to navigate his naughty times. 

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