Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dreams for Our Bumblebee

We're starting to get so excited for our little bumblebee. His or her arrival has seemed so far away up until recently. But now all of a sudden it's close--less than 10 weeks until my due date! And the baby could arrive safely in about six! It's crazy how fast time goes by.

Josh and I have taken to talking about the Bee, all the time, wherever we go. We have a lot of dreams for this little baby. We'll snuggle in bed in the morning, pull the blankets over our heads, and talk about what we want for the Bee, and what kind of parents we should be. Josh wants to be home when Bee gets home from school, give him a snack, talk to him about his day, and help with his homework. I want to read to Bee--every night, if we can swing it. We really hope for our child to have a love of learning and reading.

If the Bee is a boy, Josh wants him to play football, but the idea terrifies me and I say he's not allowed. I would much prefer basketball or karate. We debate about this endlessly. I keep reminding Josh that maybe he won't like sports at all--but my husband shrugs this off and says all boys want to play sports. Josh is looking forward to taking his (potential) son fishing and camping. Josh is also looking forward to teaching his son to shave (allegedly Josh's first shave was a solo event, and it did not go well). We both want him to grow up to be a good Christian man, and to be happy. I don't much care what he does or who he becomes, as long as he can be truly and deeply happy.

If the Bee is a girl, I can't wait to start taking her shopping. I love shopping with my mom, and it's something I really want to do with my daughter. It is important for us that our daughter learns how men should treat her. Josh wants to take her out on dates and show her what dating should really look like--girls need to be made to feel special and honored. I want to help my daughter get ready for school in the morning--braid her hair, and talk about her hopes for the day. And of course, for a little girl, you can't help but dream about her wedding day. I hope that the Bee will find a loving partner, who can make her as happy as Josh has made me for the past four years.

So this entry is sappy....but I'm ok with that. I want to remember these things, even if they are sugary-sweet. It's such a sweet time in our lives--for just ten more weeks, it's just the two of us. And we can imagine our family any way we want to. There is so much love in our family already and we feel so blessed to be adding a new addition.

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