Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boy or Girl?

I know, I know...I've already done a gender post. But what can I say? This is what being "team green" is all about...obsessing over which it will be for nine months. And as D-Day approaches, I'm becoming more and more eager to figure this out.

So who do I turn to? The Old wives of course! They always know what's up. So here's where we're at:

The Chinese Gender Chart: BOY--now when using the Chinese Gender chart, you have to make sure you are going by the lunar calendar...not just any calendar. I did it up right, and came out with the boy result.

Stolen Beauty: GIRL--They say that girls 'steal your beauty'. If you gain weight in your face, have bad acne and generally look a little worse for wear during your pregnancy, then you're having a girl. Well check, check and CHECK my friends. If there's a girl in there, she is going to be mighty beautiful

Ring Test: BOY--Josh and I did this waaaay back in the first trimester. It was firmly a "boy" answer.

Carrying Low: BOY--this kid has been below by belly button for almost the whole pregnancy. Definitely a low baby.

Carrying all over: GIRL--I'm not going straight out, but to the sides, which allegedly means I'm having a girl

Morning Sickness Avoided: BOY--I was never nauseous for no reason, which indicates a boy

Craving Sweets: GIRL--for the first time in my life, I can down a bowl of ice cream. Josh is a boy who looooves his ice-cream, but a sweets craving is supposed to indicate  girl.

Mother's Intuition: BOY--I have felt from day one that this kid is a boy. Allegedly, strong feelings aren't  complete B.S. when it comes to pregnancy. Mothers are able to guess right about 70% of the time, according to an article I read on the internet (I know, I know--great source). We had our boy name chosen in like.... week 6. The girl name.... still working on that a little bit.

Draino Test: I am not peeing in Draino. Who the hell does that?

Heart rate: BOY--for a long time the heart rate stayed firmly at 140 (the deciding line for this old wive's tale). For the last few appointments though, it's been in the 130's, which is a boyish heart rate.

So...damn. Those old wive's are having some trouble agreeing there. I guess mostly they indicate we're having a boy, which is what I have been expecting for most of this pregnancy. It only recently sunk in that I could seriously have a daughter in ten weeks--I mean, obviously I knew that was a possibility. I'm not an idiot. But I have been so certain that it was a boy for a long time, and suddenly I'm not as sure anymore. A little girl would still be a bit of a surprise. That would mean that my mother was right all along!

So place your bets folks--What will it be?

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