Thursday, May 10, 2012

Products I've Loved the First Week

I'm always so interested in what baby products people are using and loving. I know that tastes change a lot as babies get older but I thought I'd write a bit about things we've been using this week that I really like. So here the are:

Prefold without a cover and secured with snappi
Cloth Diapers

We have been cloth diapering 90% of the time since bringing Rhett home. In all honesty, I absolutely love it. It's much easier than I anticipated and I was willing to put forth a lot of work to do it. Our reason for deciding to cloth diaper varied greatly. Cost savings was the real clincher for Josh. I was more enchanted by the environmental and health benefits. The way I see it--if I had to wear a diaper, I would rather wear a cloth one. Disposable diapers just kind of gross me out. They smell chemically and I just feel so wasteful throwing them away. So cloth diapers it is.

We have two dozen green mountain prefolds in the "infant" size that we've been primarily using on Rhett. When we bought them I couldn't imagine a baby fitting into a diaper so tiny, but they are just perfect for him. We're using Thirsties XS covers, and those are big, but they work. We just fold the diaper around Rhett and then "snappi" it with a handy little device that eliminates the need for pins. We've been washing them every 36 hours or so. We just do a cold rinse and then a hot was with soap and dry them for an hour. They don't need to be folded, so it's really the easiest laundry we do. I know the dynamics of cloth diapering change a lot as babies grow, so I'll probably continue to update with what we're doing and how much we like it.
With a cover. Kinda bulky
The Moby Wrap

Ok so I've really just tried this out today, but I am so proud that I learned how to wrap it and get him in there that I wanted to write about it right away. He happens to be peacefully in his wrap right now and I have my hands free to type! So I'm thrilled. I'm envisioning finally getting to clean my house without him crying to be held. Woo Hoo! Being able to hold him hands free is such a huge benefit and I foresee us being "baby wearers" for a long time. 

Aden and Anais Swaddlers

I kept hearing about how awesome these swaddlers are, so I decided to invest in four of them. Upon coming home from the hospital, we found that we had been gifted four more my Josh's sister. So now we have eight and I am absolutely thrilled with them. I wouldn't mind having more. They are nice and big, but airy and light enough to keep Rhett cool (but not cold). They are easy to wash and apparently they just get better with age. They fold up really small into the diaper bag even though they are huge when they're unfolded. And they have cute animal prints (of course, I adore the bumblebee pattern the most)

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