Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rhett with Dad

Eating in the hospital

 I'm sure everyone says this, but Josh is so good with the baby. He is a much more natural parent to a newborn than I am. He was the first person that was able to get Rhett to finish a bottle when we were at the hospital (an important step to getting him home). Since I have been almost exclusively pumping milk for Rhett, Josh has been able to feed him as often as I have, which I think it a great benefit to bottle feeding.

Josh is generally the person that gets Rhett ready for the day. I wake up in the morning and pump milk, while Josh and Rhett eat breakfast and get dressed for the day. Josh has been the one picking out all of Rhett's outfits, which I think is just adorable. Josh is good at talking to Rhett--it doesn't come naturally to me, talking to such a little baby. But Josh explains everything to him and Rhett makes eye contact with him as if he's listening intently. It's really adorable.
Eating at home
I feel so blessed to have a husband that is also a wonderful father. I really feel like I have a strong partner in parenting and it really does make me love Josh in a whole new way. Seeing them together just melts my heart each and every time. I picked a real winner when I decided to marry this guy!
This photo cracks me up

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