Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coming Home

Happy Family
Car Seat Challenge
We got to come home on Thursday, May 3rd. It was SUCH a wonderful moment, to be told that we could finally bring out little son home. I was in my room pumping milk when the nurse got the word that Rhett was getting discharged. Josh was in the nursery with the baby, but the nurse came to tell me the good news first. I ran out to the nursery to tell Josh and Rhett that we'd be going home! Rhett still had to pass his car seat test... basically he had to sit in his car seat for an hour and a half and not die. (ok...they wouldn't have let him die. But he had to stay in it without any his monitors going off). After he passed, we fed him, changed him into his little going home outfit and left the hospital behind!

Ready to go!
One thing I hated in the hospital was the clothes and blankets they always had him in. They were so generic and all way too big on him. Seeing him in his own clothes for the first time was so wonderful. Rhett sleeps in his car seat like a champion. When we got home, we put him in his pack and play where he slept for another hour.

His first night home we had thunderstorms all night. Rhett is startled by loud noises, so he didn't sleep very well.  We spent a lot of time comforting him throughout the night. Having him so close to us while we slept has been such a huge blessing. I just cannot even put into words how awesome it is to all be home together. I love getting to hold and kiss him as much as we want. We can talk to him without people standing over our shoulder asking about his wet diaper. He can be around his own things and we are just so happy. We are truly blessed to have him with us. We are so excited to start this new chapter of parenthood. We're ready for the adventure!

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