Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Bath!

Rhett's umbilical cord fell off this week--so you know what that means! Time for his very first bath. I was fairly certain that Rhett was going to HATE bathtime. He doesn't like his diaper being changed and generally abhors being naked. He doesn't like to be cold. So we made sure to get the bath nice and warm for him before undressing him and slipping him in. To my amazement, after a brief holler, Rhett realllly enjoyed his bath! He kicked around in the water and looked up at us in wonder and amazement. I think he really enjoyed having a new experience. Josh tried showering with him afterward which he also liked--the water ran down on his back and butt and he really seemed to enjoy it.

Just like me--Rhett did not like coming out of the bath at all. Josh handed him off to me to get lotioned, dried and dressed. Rhett screamed until he was completely dressed and swaddled up, so I think the kid just likes to be warm. It was a nice family moment and I'm relieved to have gotten through the experience with minimal tears.

I don't have pictures of this because he was naked (duh), and it was really wet (double duh). I might try to snap some next time, if we do it without the shower running, I think I could get some without ruining our camera

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