Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 Months!

Rhett at my sister's wedding
Rhett is two months old now! Crazy! According to my trusty bathroom scale, he weighs exactly ten pounds, which according to my trusty online calculator, puts him in the 13th percentile for his age (I don't actually know how trustworthy either of those things are). When he was born, he was in the .8th percentile. You guys--he's doing so well! I'm so happy that he's growing and thriving.

Rhett is getting cuter and cuter. His personality is showing these days. He's developed a short temper for having things he likes taken away from him (bottles, mostly). He always lets out a huge coo a few seconds before he sneezes. He's trying really hard to suck his thumb, but he can't quite coordinate it. He's pretty much over pacifiers, he'd rather babble away at us. He is just barely able to fit into newborn clothes, 0-3 are just a little bit large. He's wearing his one size diapers as of today. He went to the beach with us for the first time last week and loved going into the water with his mama. (he's such a waterbaby). He's discovered the mobile over his swing and he'll watch it for long periods of time and coo at it.

Rhett does not like having his arms swaddled anymore, and he's finally learned how to keep them still while he sleeps, so that they don't wake him up. He's up pretty regularly every three hours--so we're a long way from sleeping through the night, but that's ok. He's worth the lack of sleep. He has developed a strong preference for a particular blanket--my college roommate and dear friend, Danielle made it for him. It has his name and a lamb on it. One side is fuzzy and super soft. It's a huge comfort for him, and I foresee him carrying it around when he's a toddler.
The beloved blankie
Every day with Rhett is a new adventure! We can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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