Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 Months!

Whoa! 3 months old! Rhett is out of the fourth trimester and is officially no longer an infant, but a full-out baby! How fast, the past three months have flown! Not be all gross (my grandparents read this blog!) But sometime in the next week or so, Rhett will have been alive for a full year. He was conceived around the end of July/beginning of August last year. To think that he went from nothing to what he is now in just a year is just mind-boggling to me. God is amazing!
Physically, Rhett seems to be a little bit ahead of the curve developmentally. Smaller babies can usually reach physical milestones quickly because they have less weight to be throwing around. Rhett's neck and head control are really good. He can roll over from belly to back whenever he wants and he loves to watch and bat at various toys. 

check out that head control 

Socially, he seems to be a little slower. He started smiling this month (though not at the camera!) He babbles and coos at us constantly. He's still on track with most babies his age for these milestones, but he does seem to hit all of them after he's already accomplished all of his physical tasks for the month. We love seeing our baby smile! Is there anything better than that? His happiest time is morning, after his bottle. He'll just stare up at us and coo and smile for hours. It's insanely cute and heartwarming. 

I'm going to start taking monthly pictures of Rhett in this new chair that Josh's mom bought for Rhett: 
3 months (and one day) Old!
I think it will be cute to watch how much he grows into his little chair in the next couple of months

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