Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nighttime Routine

Recently, we started Rhett on a routine to calm him down and get him ready for bed. We've only been doing it for three nights, but it does seem to work to get him calmed down and asleep for the night. Really though, this is just a special time for the three of us. We start by changing Rhett into some footie pajamas. We always pick two and ask him which ones he wants to wear before we put them on him. Next, it's storytime. We do two stories, but always end with a Nighttime book time "It's Time To Sleep". The rhythm and pictures seem to be good for soothing Rhett to sleep. After the story, we say our prayers, then put him down, pat his back, and sing to him until he falls asleep (Jesus Loves Me--Allelujah style!).

It's nice to get to set aside this time together as a family. Rhett sits in my lap while Josh reads and Rhett just watches him so intently. Usually he's yawning by the time we're into the second book. And it usually takes about three rounds of the song before he's fast asleep.

We've always meant to read to, pray with and sing to Rhett. This way makes it a really intentional part of our day. I don't know if it helps him sleep better or not, but I hope to continue the routine anyway. Josh and I are about to get a lot busier when school starts, and I hope that we can continue to have quiet time with one another as the night winds down.

Rhett shows off his nighttime book

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