Friday, August 24, 2012

Four Months!

Four Month Chair Photo
Rhett is officially four months old and he's such a baby! not a newborn or an infant any longer--he has preferences  annoyances and demands rather than just needs. He LOVES to be talked to, he HATES when his clothes are too tight and he trying desperately to crawl to his favorite toys (and failing miserably. We've got some time to go before we have to worry about a mobile baby).

As for me, I think I've finally (mostly) gotten over the trauma of his first few weeks of life. His birth and time in the hospital were a truly horrifying experience and until recently, I don't think I've been quite myself because of it. I used to spend a lot of time seething and worrying about the time we missed out in his first two weeks, because he was behind plastic doors. But I'm finally able to smile when looking at photos from Rhett's birth, which I think, is huge progress.

At Rhett's four-month appointment, he weighed in at 13 lbs, 4 oz (9th percentile). The doctor was thrilled with his stats and health and we were as well. He's come a long way already and we couldn't be happier. He did not take well to his first round of vaccines (which were delayed because of his small size). He cried for the better part of Monday evening and though it was gut-wrenching to hear, we got through it and he is back to normal now.

My frustrating little baby is not so good with cameras. He is very interested in them and as such, any time we whip one out, he will state at it in wonder and try to figure it out, rather than continue making the adorable smiles that made us bring out the camera in the first place. We're hoping he learns to smile at the camera soon.

Just for fun, I took a 'growth comparison' photo. These are the three different sizes of onesies Rhett's worn since birth. I can't believe that baby used to fit into preemie sizes! And he's wearing clothes now that I thought looked made for a giant back when I was receiving gifts at his birth.
Here's a few random pictures that we've taken this week. Enjoy!

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