Sunday, September 2, 2012

Picnic in Forrest Park

As I've mentioned before, we have loved our time in St. Louis so far. Something we did together recently was take a trip to Forrest Park, and picnic around the lagoon. The lagoon has been one of our favorite spots to go walking. It's such a picturesque location. On Saturday evenings, several wedding parties can been seen taking photos around the water. We have also seen a proposal about to take place (complete with flowers, champaign and a GIANT "will you marry me?" sign). There's always couples holding hands and dads playing catch with their kids. It's all very Norman Rockwell.  So we decided to join in on the fun on a lazy Saturday afternoon, and took the opportunity to head down to the park for a little family picnic.

We loaded up our cooler with all of our favorite foods. We made chicken wraps on homemade tortillas, and brought our special homemade salsa for chips--salsa is another hobby of ours. We have made the same one for a few batches--one mango, 2-3 garden tomatoes, a few cloves of garlic, one onion and one habenero pepper with half of the seeds removed. Freaking delicious! If you've never made your own salsa before, I highly recommend it. Check out some recipes online and tweak it to your individual tastes. You won't be sorry!

Rhett slept through most of our picnic. We brought his favorite blanket so that he could sleep on the grass. He was pretty content to soak up the summer heat and lounge around on his blanket. We used his trusty blue hat to keep the sun off of him and also to reduce stimulation, because he did really need to nap. Rhett enjoys being outdoors, which is perfect for us because we both go so crazy if we have to stay inside for too long. I feel like we've been really blessed with a baby who lets us drag him all around town and will sleep just about anywhere. I really hope that our next baby will be as easy-peasy.

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