Sunday, September 23, 2012

Five Months!

I decided to go ahead and throw this post up, even though I haven't snapped the perfect 'chair photo' quite yet. Rhett was just a little crabby when I was trying to take his picture the other night, and much more interested in the chair than me. So the photos aren't great. I'll throw one up for now and replace it later.
Five Months~
Rhett is doing so well. According to my bathroom scale, he weighs in at about 14.3 pounds which puts him in about the 15th percentile for weight! I really, really think he's going to catch up to his peers by one year and be about where he was 'supposed' to be before he got all starved in the womb. I'm so happy to be watching him grow and thrive.

Rhett loves experimenting with the different sounds he can make. Blowing rasberries and bubbles is on of his new favorite activities. He is also getting loud! He's learned that if we don't respond to his soft whines right away, that we'll come running when he yells. He's using it to his advantage He's demanding more attention--and food! than ever. Our baby sure can eat! We've decided to officially start him on solids, which I think will be a new and exciting adventure for him.

Pretty much at five months exactly, Rhett hit an important milestone--his first tooth has popped through his lower gums! We're hoping he'll be in les pain now that it's come through--he's been waking up every three hours or so and hollering for us to come and comfort him--poor little baby!

How cute is he?
We purchased a jumperoo for Rhett recently. Though we do try to keep the baby stuff to a minimum, we did feel like he needed something to stimulate his large and fine motor skills and a jumperoo seemed to fit the bill. We bought it second-hand, so I feel a little better about the 'unneeded' purchase. He loves it! When I took a picture of him, it seemed like he actually intentionally smile at the camera for the first time ever.

Rhett's learning to use his hands. He reaches for items that are above him and will arch his back and raise his arms as high as he can to grab at things.

Rhett's hair is also starting to really come in this month! Its hard to tell what color it is, because it's still so thin and find but it look to us like it is going to be reddish-brown. Josh's uncle and grandfather were both redheads, so it makes sense that we would end up with one. I'm looking forward to seeing his hair grow more so we can get a better idea of what it will be like.

We continue to like wearing Rhett rather than push him around in a stroller. He like to be held, and I like to hold him, so this works out much better for us. The stroller is bulky and hard to get through aisles and just a huge pain. So we use baby carriers 90% of the time we're out. Usually I'll wear him in a Moby Wrap or Josh will wear him in the Baby Bjorn. We have no plans yet to start using a stroller exclusively.
Josh and Rhett continue to be adorable together. Rhett is a little Daddy's boy. Josh takes him to chapel with him and they have a great time. I love seeing Josh in some of Rhett's expressions. At the risk of sounding cliche, seeing Josh and such a wonderful dad really makes me love him on a whole new level. But enough of that mushiness. 
I can't believe that 6 months is coming up so soon! That's like, half a year! Recent pregnancy announcements on my facebook feed are excited about April due dates. I can't believe that at this time last year, we were adjusting to the news that we were expecting a big surprise. We could not be more blessed to have Rhett here with us. JUST LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS! 

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