Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ok, That's it. I'm done

A friend of mine brought her newborn to bible study this morning. Vaida was born last Thursday, so she is only five days old. Being a fifth-time supermom, the new mother had no problem passing her young baby around.

So there I was, 34.5 weeks pregnant, with the tiniest baby I've ever seen in my arms and O.M.G. y'all. If I wasn't ready to be done with pregnancy before, you bet your fur I was after that experience (1,000 cool point to anyone who can tell me where the phrase 'you bet your fur' comes from).
She was soooo little and precious. She curled up in my arms and squirmed around and let out teeny tiny sighs.

Pregnancy sucks in the third trimester. I'm not a fan of sharing my body and I'm ready to be done. But seeing the result made me want to get to the finish line even more than I already did. 5.5 weeks can't come fast enough!

And for your enjoyment, here's the texting conversation Josh and I had right after my bible study:
Me: I got to hold Vaida and she is so small and she squirmed and I love her.
Him: Sweetheart, your baby is in your belly
Me: I can't have Vaida?
Him: No.

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